Are you ready to go #HYPER with #HYPERCEBU?

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Mark your calendars. May 31 and June 1, 2014. Music. Fashion. Food. Gadgets. Travel. #HYPERCEBU will bring it all for you.

Hyper Cebu will celebrate the Cebuano lifestyle and will merge everything and everyone together whether you’re a hyper foodie, a hyper fashionista, a hyper techie, a hyper traveler or a hyper musician. 36 hours of showcasing the Cebuano lifestyle and all that it entails will be celebrated and there will be no barriers.



A Lifestyle Bazaar, a Weekend Food Market and an activity area, to be used as a Family Zone during the day and turned into a rave pit of awesome once the sun sets, will be the highlights of the event with a few surprises in store for the whole duration of Hyper Cebu.


This is more than just a party. This is a celebration of everything we are and everything we are proud of, something truly Cebuano. Get your hype up and be at #HYPERCEBU at the Baseline.

Summer is surely not over yet and #HYPERCEBU is the best way to end your summer with a hyper-ific party from May 31-June 1, 2014.



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